Unattend.txt for PSMobile

Jun 16, 2008 at 3:37 PM
I'm pasting in here a conversation I had in IM with Oisin, it'll serve well as a seed for further discussion.

<Hal Rottenberg> ok you know how the bootstrap after a hardreset reads that text file which determines what files to copy and what cabs to install?  I think it does reghacks too
<Oisín Grehan> but like you say, it's a bit different using dynamic parameters. i'm not sure if its the methodology, or just the fact there are no other providers out there apart from mine and maybe sqlserver/iis :)
<Hal Rottenberg> I'd like to be able to string together some "unattended" stuff like that
<Oisín Grehan> I'll research how to do that - kinda like mobile RunOnce reg hackery?
<Hal Rottenberg> well i'm picturing something like you hard reset then activesync.  you have not done a thing on the device but align the stylus and hit next/next/finish
<Hal Rottenberg> so you want to start from that clean state and push cabs and install them, then do reghacks
<Hal Rottenberg> and I'd wnat to specify within the script whether something is installed to ram or SD
<Hal Rottenberg> unattend.txt for winmo
<Oisín Grehan> ah ok - I noticed that the guys on xda-devs have standardized on a process for that.
<Oisín Grehan> yeah, they use some tool
<Oisín Grehan> most of the cooks agree on using it now
<Oisín Grehan> it's a bootstrapper that will run post-boot installers in a once-off fashion and its fed by a txt file iirc
<Oisín Grehan> sound right?
<Hal Rottenberg> well then it'd make sense to glom on to what they're doing
<Hal Rottenberg> but do it the right way, with powershell :)
<Hal Rottenberg> well in that respect it may not be best to use what they are using and instaead do it 100% the right way...
<Oisín Grehan> lots of chefs are on board
<Oisín Grehan> http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=366337